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Olds LA Ambassador with Pilczuk mouthpipe. Overhauled with added 1st and 3rd slide reversed.
Subject: Re: Olds Ambassador Trumpet Date: May 7, 2013 To: tucktellier
I got the Olds Ambassador today and have just finished playing for two hours.
I really plays nice. Thanks for the custom work and outstanding job.
The first and third rings work great and the horn 'fits' me. I love playing it.
Thanks so much. Sincerely, Richard H
I forgot to mention all the neat extra things you did.
The gold caps look super -- I never saw the optical pattern they make with the gold plating.
The nickel slides look awesome. Thanks for fixing the tuning slide--it was a mess.
Really Tuck --You did Awesome!!!!!

Olds Key of "C" with Silver and Gold
Hi Tuck, Just wanted to let you know that after a USPS detour mess up, the trumpet finally arrived to my Dad.
He just called and he's giggling like a little kid. Had to get on speaker phone and play me a tune.
He absolutely loves it and told me I needed to be sure and write to tell you how happy he is.
Says not only does it play a little easier for him than the Bflat, but it's gorgeous and the only problem he may have is "living up " to sounding as good as the trumpet looks. Haha
This is really great! Not only is he having a lot of fun -and at 80, he sure deserves it,
but its really good for his lungs. He's had some issues there and says that playing trumpet is
really helping his air so maybe will help keep him around for us a little longer.
Cathy P
April, 2013

Holton Super Collegiate Trumpet Complete Overhaul
Thank you so very much. It is beautiful.
I can't remember it looking this good out of the box when I first held it in my hands. I am very impressed with the work. Not sure what the section of tube is called where the mouthpiece is inserted, but that was bent and you straightened it without being asked.
You went over and above on this one. Can't thank you enough.
If you ever have a need for a recommendation, you can have people call me or email me and I'd be glad to give you a thumb's up.
Check is in the mail. I had my hopes and expectations exceeded many times over.
I will be bringing it to the Bible study tonight to show the people the fruit of your labor.
One of the people is Merri Ellen who wants to have her trumpet worked on at some point.
Do you do other instruments besides trumpets? Her husband Cliff has a saxophone.
Again, thank you very much.
Ron!! January, 2011

Selmer Bundy-Bach Trumpet Complete Overhaul
Hi Tuck--
I just wanted to send a message and say thanks to you and Matt for the excellent work done to my horn.
It is better than I could have imagined. You two are definitely artists.
It is beautiful and sounds and plays better than I can remember.
The work Matt did to the mouth piece is truly indescribable.
I will gladly recommend your services to all of my horn playing friends.
Thanks again for getting to it so quickly. You are the BEST!!! Peace,

If I am ever in you neck of the woods I'll drop by the shop to say hello.
July 21, 2010

Reynolds Medalist Trumpet Complete Overhaul
Hi Tuck--
The Medalist came back yesterday. Nice work! It looks great, and man, I'd forgotten what a great sound this "student" horn has.
I think you're right to chase down a few of these on eBay and revive them.
In my experience, they tend to be cheaper to acquire than the Ambassadors, which, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason, have more mystique and cachet.
Thanks for your great work and fellowship in the walk.
Dr. Bob - Hew Hampshire
I'll want to talk with you about my Medalist trombone, and perhaps my other Reynolds trumpets.
November, 2009

Olds Custom Modified Key of C Trumpet
Fantastic horn,beautiful tone. Excellent seller to deal with.Highly recommended!
The horn plays beautifully, great tone, very happy with it. Such a good pedal C! Just need to get the right mouthpiece for it, not sure my Warburtons will suit. Probably a 3C or equivalent.
Anyway thanks for the good work! James in the UK.
September, 2009

Olds Recording Trumpet
Michael D. Haverdink in Iowa says this: I purchased an early 50ís Olds Recording trumpet on ebay for my high school son and sent it off to Tuck for an overhaul to get it back close to original condition. The overhauled horn could pass for new under all but the most discerning inspection. My expectations were high based on Tuckís website, and they were exceeded in every way and for a very good price. My son is thrilled and the horn looks and plays fantastic! Mike
August, 2009

H.N. White King Liberty trumpet made in Cleveland in 1963.
Dan L. in Saratoga, NY who says this: I had recently purchased a 1963 Vintage King Liberty Trumpet from Tuck. I remember what this trumpet looked like before he did his magic on it. The trumpet came out beautiful! I just had to have it. I did not want to take a chance on losing this beauty so I called him up and purchased this horn outright. Tuck delivers what he says. The price was right and I can't thank him enough for his patience with me. I will be sure to purchase other horns from him in the future. I won't buy from anyone else. When you trust someone, it is hard to go elsewhere. He has a money back guarantee and or he will just replace it with something that is more suitable for your needs. No hard sell here. I give Tuck a ++++++++A rating! Tuck, thank you for your expertise and your kindness! Dan Lovaglio - Saratoga Springs, New York
August, 2009

Los Angeles Olds Super trumpet made in 1952.
Terry L. in Wichita, KS who says this: "Tuck, WOW!!! I really had high expectations of the LA Olds Super Trumpet. The pictures you had posted were beautiful and the reputation of the trumpet itself had me anxiously awaiting its arrival.
Tuck, your work is exceptional and the trumpet is almost pristine! Your workmanship and the trumpet have both far exceeded my expectations! I played it last night during one of my 2 hour orchestra rehearsals and was completely and absolutely impressed by the response and intonation of the Super Olds. It is without a doubt the best trumpet that I have had the pleasure of playing. Thank you very much for your attention to detail and the fine craftsmanship, love, and care that you put into restoring this fine instrument.
Thank you Tuck!!!
ICL, Terry L . "
June 25, 2009

King Tempo Nickel and Brass Overhauled for customer.
John K in Arizona who says this: "Hi Tuck... the horn looks and plays great! I can't tell you how exciting it was to see it looking this good! Thanks for the great work. Exciting to have such a good looking horn again! Now if I could only play well again.... John ."
June 11, 2009

A Selmer-Bach Bundy Designed by Vincent Bach story
Hi, I ran across your site while searching for a second trumpet for my son. He is a high school sophomore, and he currently owns a Bach Stradivarius trumpet. Heíd like a second trumpet to use for marching in order to keep his Bach in good shape. I noticed you had some nice re-furbished trumpets on your site in the price-range Iím looking for. Can you recommend one of your refurbished trumpets for my son, in the $200-300 range? Iíve read and researched lots of websites, but Iím still not sure if a student-level trumpet would be adequate for marching. I live in the Dallas, TX area, so could you provide an estimate of total cost including shipment as well? Thanks in advance, S.P.
Trumpet shipped: Hi Tuck, Well my husband went to the Post Office today and they had the box! They claimed they left a notice yesterday, but there was nothing on the door and my kids were even home! Anyway, we have the trumpet and it looks great! Iíll let you know how my son likes it once he gets home and has a chance to play it! Thanks so much! Susan
Follw up: Tuck, Just wanted to let you know that Colin really likes the trumpet. Heís in marching camp this week, so itís getting a lot of use. Thanks again, and Iíll be sure to pass along your name and website to anyone whoís interested! Susan

Olds Studio completely Overhauled and restored to original appearance and specifications.
The following is the tesimonial of Dr. Gary L. in Philadelphia, PA:
"This trumpet has been thoroughly refurbished and overhauled by Crown Resources Laboratory in Hudson Falls, NY. For more information about Overhauls go to WWW.tucksmusicstore.com/Repair.html I bought an Olds Ambassador trumpet from Tuck and it is outstanding. I just bought the Ambassador to ascertain the quality of the work. Sublime work! That trumpet could pass for new. If you ever need service on a trumpet see Tuck! This baby plays Wonderfully Well! It is hard to tell that this is a used horn. It has been gone over by Crown Resources Lab in Hudson Falls, NY and all repairing and adjustments have been done. Small dents were removed and it now has that "almost perfect" appearance. All slides move freely and the valves work perfectly well. An Olds trumpet is one of the best ever made and this horn is better than new. Don't buy a cheap brand new trumpet made in Asia when you can have the best! Thanks Tuck."

Olds Ambassador
Stock #8148T
as sold to Dr. Gary L.

Bach TR-300
Stock #5052T
sold to eBayer "79spit" Who says: "Great Great Great! Can't Say More! This is a very POSITIVE seller. Thanks !

Olds Ambassador Trumpet Overhauled
Stock ##8616T
sold to eBayer jlange642900w who says this: "ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL WORK!!! Great Deal !!! AAA+++ Will deal with again soon." Apr-23-09

Vintage Getzen Super Deluxe Tone Balanced Trumpet
Stock #7159T
sold to eBayer mark1cycle who said: "Great trumpet-very professional ebayer-highly recommended-thanks!!!!!!!!!

Olds Ambassador Trumpet Overhauled in RAW BRASS
stock #9494W
sold to eBayer cobeermantom who said: "The item was delivered quickly and was exacctly as described. Great experience!

Olds Ambassador Trumpet Overhauled Stock #4667T
sold to eBayer boonedogy who says: "Great horn. Great communication. Quick shipping. Bought for kid, may keep for me!

VINCENT BACH 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece
mouthpiece sold to eBayer andthetrumpetshallsound440 who said: "Exactly as advertised! Mouthpiece is beautiful! Wonderful to do business with!"
Selmer Bundy Trumpet Designed by Vincent Bach
sold to eBayer dgmjim3 who said: "Trumpet is excellent, plays well, fast ship and comunication, all above board. GOD BLESS"

Olds Ambassador Trumpet Overhauled
sold to eBayer the_blues_box who said: "Great service with awesome communications awesome rebuilt Olds Trumpet THANKS !!"

American Standard by King Overhauled
trumpet sold to eBayer mostlypcs Mark D. W. who said: "Nice old trumpet. My kid is delighted, he would rather have old than new.

Olds Ambassador Vintage Trumpet Reconditioned
sold to eBayer tlbarnard277 Who said "Tuck, I received the trumpet this morning and it's gorgeous. You've helped make a nine year old very happy. Thanks for your attention to detail on the refurbish and your quick shipping. I'll look to you again in a couple of years when my next son is ready to start band. In the mean time if you ever get a good Olds Opera or custom Trombone I might be interested if I can talk my wife into letting me buy another horn. Thanks again, Tom Barnard"

F.E. Olds Ambassador Trumpet:
I Found your website and you seem to be just the man I need. I recently purchased the above Trumpet on-line for $150 and while not horrible it is not in as good a shape as I was led to believe. However, I would like to send this to you and get your recommendation for repair and see if it is worth spending the kind of $$$ I believe it may require. I too am picking it up after many years and donít want to spend a fortune until I see my own dedication. What do you think? Thanks for your help. Michael S. B. - President, GCE Co., Inc.
Note: (The Olds Ambassador had been silver plated and most of the plating was not properly done so most of it had come off. There were numerous other problems with the horn so we completely overhauled it for the customer.)

Follow up:
Tuck, I just got the horn back and it looks great! Canít wait to get started playing again. Thanks for everything. Mike

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With so many inferior Asian instruments being sold today, we do not service or sell certain brands. These instruments do not stay in playing condition for long and many times are not worth the cost to repair. Replacement parts are usually unavailable and are non-standard. Retailers who sell these instruments usually try to mislead consumers by saying that these instruments are "band approved" "teacher approved" or "instructor approved". Names of some of these instruments are chosen to mislead buyers into thinking they ar part of a popular or American brands. Please be aware of this before you purchase an instrument that is priced at a fraction of the established brands.