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Definitions of Repairing, Reconditioning or Overhauling


Repairing Instruments REPAIRING - Restoring the instrument to playing condition. Chemically cleaned & sanitized - large dents removed. Small scratches, dings, small dents not removed. New or used parts installed if necessary (parts are extra charge. Buffed & spot lacquered & play tested.


Reconditioning Instruments RECONDITIONING - Instrument is disassembled and chemically cleaned, sanitized & all dents are removed. Small scratches and small dings not removed. All broken parts repaired or replaced (parts are extra charge) All solder joints inspected & resoldered if necessary. Slides are adjusted and lubricated. All corks & felts are replaced. Valves are lapped and aligned. Instrument is then buff polished - spot lacquered & play tested.


Complete Overhaul COMPLETE OVERHAUL - Instrument is disassembled, all lacquer is removed. Instrument is then chemically cleaned & sanitized. All dents and dings are removed, scratches removed if possible - not to destroy the integrity of the instrument. Broken parts are replaced with new or used parts. All solder joints are checked & redone if necessary. Valves lapped and aligned, corks, felts & springs are replaced. Buff polished, relacquered & play tested. Plating is an extra charge - see prices.

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With so many inferior Asian instruments being sold today, we do not service or sell certain brands. These instruments do not stay in playing condition for long and many times are not worth the cost to repair. Replacement parts are usually unavailable and are non-standard. Retailers who sell these instruments usually try to mislead consumers by saying that these instruments are "band approved" "teacher approved" or "instructor approved". Please be aware of this before you purchase an instrument that is priced at a fraction of the established brands.