Our Picture Album Page 4 Trumpet Jig

This is the repairing &
polishing jig we designed for our shop.
Other repair shops have purchased these jigs from us for their own use.

These jigs feature a "bolt down" system wher they can be attached
to a work bench to hold the instrument in an upright positon while working on it.
The hold down bolts are made to turn into "T" nuts
permanently fastened under the work bench top allowing the jig
to be removed easily and then re-attached when required again.
Rubber feet are attached with dowels to keep the jig level and stable.

The jigs are made with a wood base, PVC and oak wooden dowels.
A bolt and wing nut is attached to one of the dowel tops
to hold the instrument firm when ragging it out while polishing.

The PVC joints between the two verticle standards are not glued
so they slip together to accomodate different valve systems.

These jigs are made to order for our customers.
Pro musicians can use them to hold their instruments while servicing them or putting them on display.
We will build one for you in the color of your choice for $95.00 We also will customize it to your specifications.