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We have moved into a newly remodeled shop at 153 Maple Street, Glens Falls, NY. this building has been used originally as a shirt manufacturing factory and later became a "discount" department store called "Pearls" and later "W-O Surplus Store". A large machine shop is now lacated on the first floor with a fine furniture maker. Two glass blowers on the 2nd floor and a photographer occupies the third floor.

Old "Chase Bag" building and paper mill. Now called the Epic Building.
Our shop was located here until July 2011. It is now located at 153 Maple Street, Glens Falls, NY.

"Sam the Bugler" Sam Grossman is the official bugler for all NYRA-run race tracks, including Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs NY where he plays the trumpet "Call To The Post" before each race. Here we visited with Sam The Bugler at Saratoga on Labor Day weekend (September 3rd)in 2011

Tuck's work station.

Tuck overhauling a vintage Getzen Trumpet

Tuck overhauling a vintage Getzen Trumpet

Visitors - Keith Mayhugh (L) and John Cyfers (R) from Falling Waters, West VA
John does much of our silver and gold plating

Visitors - Dan Lovaglio from Saratoga, NY
takes delivery of his overhauled H.N.White King Liberty

Our recent visit to the "King" factory in Eastlake, Ohio.

Henderson N. White, founder of the H. N. White Company manufacturers of King musical instruments, was born in Romeo, Michigan, on July 16, 1873. As a young child Henderson was captivated by how things work and making improvements. He made his first musical instrument at age thirteen, a Cuban cigar box violin which is still around today.
In 1909 Mr. White moved from a little workshop to 5225 Superior Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio with 38,000 square feet of new work space.
In 1917 a separate small building was erected beside the main plant for development of a line of woodwind instruments.
By the 1920's King woodwinds, along with King brasses and horns, took their places in the finest orchestras. During this time frame the King work force grew to over two hundred.
In March 26, 1940 at the age of 65 Mr. H. N. White died suddenly. Following Mr. White's death, Hugh E. White, Mr. White's brother, took over as President of the company while the heirs worked out who was in control. Mrs. Edna White, and her daughter Miss Cathryn (Kay) White together controlled two-thirds of the stock in The H. N. White Company. Then in the middle of 1941, Mrs. Edna White took control of the company as President.One of the first changes that Cathryn made when she joined the firm was to change the King logo to a crown and add the words "world's Finest". The logo change marked the entry into what some believe as the companies best years. Around the middle of 1964 it became clear the current factory was outdated. King had been manufacturing in the same buildings for more than fifty years and a new location was needed.
In 1964 Mrs. Edna White purchased 12.5 acres of land to put a new plant on in Eastlake Ohio. Another big change that happened in September 1964 was that Cathryn (Kay) updated the King logo to the modern crown that is still used today.

Then 1965 with her health fading, Mrs. White, along with her daughter (Kay) decided to sell the company to Mr. Nate Dolan and his partners.
For the next few years Mrs. White would still go to work at the Eastlake facility that she helped build but she never grew to like it as much as the 5225 Superior location. Mrs. Edna White died in 1969 and Mrs. Cathryn (Kay) White passed away in 2005. The family is survived by Kay's two grandchildren who live in Ohio.
More of the history of the H. N. White Company can be found at the following link.

King and Benge are a division of Conn-Selmer, Inc., a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.