Our History

The History of Tuck's Trumpet & Music Store

In 1949 I was given trumpet lessons in Danville, Illinois at the Kamp Music store. I was 8 years old. My mother sacrificially bought me my first horn - a Cleveland brass cornet for $135 and I advanced to High School using that same horn until I eventually was selected to occupy "First Chair" trumpet in the Oakwood Township High School band. I eventually lost interest in music as most teenagers do and put the horn away-until 1961 when I went to college at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. I picked up my horn playing again and began to travel to several evangelical churches and did a lot of solo work using that same cornet. It was in need of repairs by then so I traded it in for a Conn Constellation Trumpet-model 6B29. A beautiful full sounding instrument ideal for the kind of music I was playing semi-professionally and giving lessons.
I eventually started an architectural firm combined with a construction company called Assembly Developers and Tectonics (ADT) where we worked mostly to develop church building programs from land procurement, site development, architectural designing with scale models, and eventually construction. To date we worked with over 60 church organizations, designed about 30 church buildings and constructed 14. In between that we built 30 houses and other projects.
We started a research laboratory called RinG Resources Research Laboratory in Glens Falls in 1993 when we worked with paper mills all over the country and in Canada. We developed and received a patent to manufacture paper mill waste called "short fiber residue" or "sludge" into 60 different products. The paper mill industry was not acclimated to this as there are waste toxins and furans cast off into the sludge and therefore there are liability issues with using it out in the open market. We were not allowed to use this patent for that reason but I used the experience to eventually venture into other avenues of business.
After going on a missionary trip to Kenya, East Africa I was involved in church work and became interested in playing the trumpet again as I had not used the trumpet at all for a long time. After engaging in buying and selling on the internet, I found that I had a talent for overhauling and repairing trumpets and trombones.
I now have a fully equipped repair shop and offer our services and talents to be used in the Greater Glens Falls area-with sales included. Our Ebay store can be found at: http://stores.ebay.com/Tucks-Trumpet-and-Music-Store. I can be reached by either telephone or e-mail: CELL PHONE: 518-321-9288-direct or tucktellier@roadrunner.com

Our Mission
    Christian business principles are always applied in all our transactions.

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